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Guangzhou from Beijing 'profession'

Date: 2018-01-31

New Year's day have diccourse in Beijing, what's new in guangzhou?A song drum sound of "awakening lion spring", the audience into the lingnan the world more than two thousand kilometers away.Yesterday, 2018, "guangzhou huacheng new see flowers" Spring Festival tourism campaign entered the Beijing, dozens of Beijing residents in advance experience in Beijing for the thick guangzhou New Year of the rhyme.A high work in the tea ceremony in Beijing, said. "too like to guangzhou, my mother also have been hoping that I marry to go there."

  "We are the deepest impression is to guangzhou food"

Pitch, "huacheng" and "new" theme of guangzhou tourism video shows the xiguan big house, dongshan houses, winter jasmine flower market, polo Christmas, long lung, such as guangzhou tower, millions of kwai garden lingnan unique landscape and customs.

In the introduction of "eating in guangzhou", the host reels off a 20-30 cantonese dim sum, but also attract a burst of applause at the scene

"I especially like the food in guangzhou, surrounded by including cantonese cuisine and morning tea."The scene of the chan also imitated host, breath revealed himself a snack, "chop chicken feet dry steamed bread spring rolls shrimp dumplings steamed vermicelli roll milk yellow bag..."Chan after many times to guangzhou, every time in the teahouse a spring rolls to eat, by the way to a disc of guangdong special sauce to dip," even the local friends all say I 'general food."

"Before long, it has been a deep impression from Beijing to guangzhou, all is about to eat."Tourist guide shuttling between Beijing and guangzhou li took too many tour groups to travel to guangzhou, he told reporters, "eating in guangzhou fine, fresh, not greasy, like tourists, by Beijing to guangzhou is also good at it."

To guangzhou shopping also attracted many young beijingers."We went to guangzhou to play, to do list and 'shopping'."Ms Chen smiled, guangzhou shopping malls clothing are "tide", and inexpensive, is very popular with the girls.

Meeting around the "guangzhou huacheng, happy trip" theme, through posters, guangzhou flower arrangement, delivery is sealed, cantonese dim sum, tea art, tea tasting, flower art appreciation, fully show the colorful Spring Festival Chinese New Year in guangzhou

The citizens of Beijing office compl

Many citizens, each of them has a broad mansion complex.Ms high after graduating from college learning tea art, often dealing with lingnan's tea culture, "so I didn't also less together with my family to go to guangzhou or near the city, to at least four or five times a year."Also is in the process, the north was born girl also gradually fell in love with the guangzhou snacks, architecture and flavor.

"Is very delicate, is also very fashionable, but without losing a classic lasting appeal."Ms high every time back, will share with friends, "now they just went to guangzhou to play, you will find me do strategy."Ms with high mother like guangzhou more than his daughter, "she said there was plenty of delicious, it is life, also want to find me a boyfriend over there to marry it."

Is now a Beijing travel agency general manager Mr. Li is always remember 20 years ago for the first time to do a tour guide with friends to play in guangzhou."Wuyang sculpture, the Chen clan academy, then look at the scenery, traditional everyone surprised."Mr Li said, later when the tour guide, but has been paying attention to the development of guangzhou, "have a chance to go again."

"We like, is that a flower huacheng lasting appeal

"Just rely on food and shopping, can't attract people across more than two thousand kilometers, travel to another city for the holiday."Beijing tourism chamber of commerce, Mr Xu said, guangzhou huacheng reputation is gradually known by Beijing residents, and with wide mansion cuisine, become the object of everyone is more

The tour guide to do wu between guangzhou and Beijing, often visit guangzhou of tour.In his view, the guangzhou very livable, appropriate endowment, "guangzhou four spring-like, bloom"

During the Spring Festival, guangzhou tourism promotion meeting, the host introduced during the Spring Festival in 2018, guangzhou will organize series of activities to meet the arrival of friends, such as "huacheng square lights" concert, winter jasmine flower market, the traditional lunar New Year parade float, the 24th session of guangzhou garden expo, 2018 sea heart sand fashionable flower market, 2018 "flowering time light shone China" yuexiu lanterns, yuntai garden green flower carving art exhibition in 2018, litchi bay pours water flower market, guang fu temple fair, and so on.

Mr Xu, Beijing New Year's day there are flowers, but not the same, is a plastic flowers, many friends want to buy flowers back from guangzhou.He think, a lot of the festival atmosphere and lasting appeal to foreign tourists in guangzhou, "want to go to guangzhou can have more depth to swim, like the streets of old, guang fu traditional crafts, customs in the surrounding areas have to swim and so on, experience more rich Chinese New Year and the usual guang fu yue."