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Internationalization + network: the only way for the development of local hotel

Date: 2019-06-15

In the face of the cruel market competition, local hotel to stay awake.Only grasp the general trend, for those routes, and into, in the international + on the network to find a way out, can be in an impregnable position, seek survival and development.

At present, the competition situation of tourist hotel industry can be summarized as the international competition domestic zed, domestic competition internationalization, networking of global competition.

With the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the rapid development of global tourism, international brand hotel is full access to the Chinese market.Of these international brands, there are some not "play" in, but home owners seeking to "please" in, momentum of development is more and more strong, formed a larger impact on local hotel.As the Internet grows and tourism consumption demand for personalized, diversification, facilitation, the needs of the development of a large number of relying on the network, the main room of the "new" rapid development and home inn hotel like mushrooms, become a tourist hotel industry is very eye-catching scenery.

In the face of the cruel market competition, local hotel to stay awake.Only grasp the general trend, for those routes, and into, in the international + on the network to find a way out, can be in an impregnable position, seek survival and development.The author believes that efforts to emphatically from the following several aspects:

First, the optimization of partnership.International brand hotel in the process of moving strongly, also some universal problems, main show is a greater difference between east and west culture idea, partners status inequality, more difficult to coordinate the contradiction of the management team and owner, the owner on behalf of the hard to bear, and so on.Especially since some lack of deep understanding of international brand hotel owner, hurried and the introduction of a brand, passive to accept the terms of the contract of inequality.Spent a huge sum of money to buy a sign that hung up the brand's face, can make to the "silver".Wait for management team to come in, just know is not so simple, and opinionated, dilettante intervention, contradictions and disputes, the owner on behalf of two suffer indignities, partnership often is in nervous condition, operation have a negative impact on hotel management.

From the point of view of management, and some because of the water, not to grounding gas, stick to the standard, cannot adjust measures to local conditions to deal with problems and contradictions;Some concerned with their own interests, irresponsible on the hotel benefit;Because not spending their own money, and even humor, indulge or cheat owners blind investment, tall on the pursuit of luxury, lead to brand dividend disappears, the owners need hotel to make money, only to find that cost is too high, the heavy assets and liabilities and unprofitable KeYing.This profit anxiety and loss crisis, directly affect the sustainable development of the hotel.

The author thinks that, to solve the contradictions mainly by the owner.The key to optimize cooperative relations, or the owner to on the basis of the thorough understanding of international brand hotel situation, according to international practice, to sign or revise the terms of the contract, and strictly carry out consciously.And the most important thing is to let go, trust "for a nanny to their children take", this value for their money, arranges the cooperation relations, the hotel can operate well.Only the introduction of international brand hotel ready, can better play an exemplary role, promote the overall level of the hotel industry rising and the industry better and faster development.

Second, learn advanced experience.Introduction to digestion and absorption.For the advanced experience of international brand hotel and some mature approach, the network platform to operate the "new" and home inn hotel strengths, we must not turn a blind eye, also not be tasted.Local hotel managers must to sober mind and keen eyes, watch less noisy, read more doorway;With a positive attitude in-depth study modestly, absorbs the essence and take a long, fill yourself short."Long skill with barbarians", we can in the fierce market competition to integration development.

In comparison, the international brand hotel has the following obvious advantages: one is based on consumer demand as the leading market concept;Second, the brand standards and brand influence;Three is the modern enterprise management mode;Four is the global reserve system as the main body of the marketing network;All five is open for human resource management system;Six is operating according to regulation of the legal consciousness in accordance with the law.In addition, the mechanism of their system is relatively perfect, no assets and liabilities is overweight, hardware facilities is more professional.To this, we must study, digest earnestly, actively guide, especially used to update on the idea and system, efforts to enhance their competitive advantage.

The author thinks that, the internationalization of domestic hotel development, to focus on the cultural idea, standard specification, team quality, booking network, hardware facilities, brand influence and so on to find combining site, in common and share point.Western society accustomed to speak rules, for example, according to the rules, and we have always been people who have "nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards" tradition, which is in common;Again for instance we should from "personnel management" to "human resource management", this is the share point;Again, the international brand hotel attaches great importance to the consumer demand, and we know more about the local consumer spending habits, this is the point.Only real digestion, absorption, and achieve the "foreign" for me, we can realize the intended effect of the introduction of international brand hotel building domestic hotel of international brand, speed up abroad, through the output management, to implement low cost expansion, bigger and stronger in the international competition.